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How to add a new device page to the wiki

To create a new wiki page, enter the name of the new page into the search field, press enter and you will be asked to create the new page.
  1. Paste the content from below into the new wiki page, for device-specific pages, we are using the naming convention "Manufacturer Device Name (codename)", so for example "HTC Desire (htc-bravo)"
  2. Adjust the template for your device (edit all CHANGE_MEs, fill out the blanks etc.)
  3. Take a good photo of your phone and upload it, then put it into the infobox
  4. You are done! You can now take a look at the devices page, your device should appear automatically.


Please take the time to fill out this template properly.

With good documentation, more contributors come, and they will be able to build upon your work.

It's really worth it.

Thank you!

You can find information about CPU, GPU, Display on websites such as . You can also enter your device name with the word "specs" into your favorite search engine and you should find the information as well.


  • CHANGE_ME (put your username here!)


Users owning this device

Template:Device owners

How to enter flash mode


See also


Almost done! Don't forget the photo and looking at the automatically generated devices page.