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  1. Download the device-specific Ubuntu Touch zip and extract it.
  2. Open the ABM app, move to the tab for SD card and choose the free space to create a new partition.
  3. Choose ‘OS system data’. The size of the partition will automatically be set. Choose a name of this partition as you like. Then press ‘Create’.
  4. Create another partition of the type ‘OS user data’. Its size should be at least 5 GB (the least we tested) and as much as you want.
  5. Open the ROMs tab.
  6. Choose the smartphone download symbol at the bottom.
  7. Read the note at the bottom carefully. If you accept the risk, press ‘Next’.
  8. Choose ‘Ubuntu Touch’ and press ‘Next’.
  9. Then the app will ask you for the halium boot image. Click on ‘Next’ and browse to the location where you extracted the boot image to. Select the file boot.img, and when the app shows ‘File selected’, click on Next.
  10. Afterwards the app wants to know the correct OS System data partition. Take care to choose the right one from the drop down menu and press ‘Next’.
  11. On the following screen it shows ‘Please select the system image’. Click on ‘Next’ and browse to the location where you unpacked the system image to. Select the system.img or system_uns.img.
  12. The app will show that it is copying the file. When it shows ‘File selected’ click ‘Next’. (about 20 minutes on a SanDisk Extreme PRO 128GB)
  13. In the next step choose the correct OS User data partition from the drop down menu and press ‘Next’. Afterwards press ‘Next’ again.
  14. Then you can enter your chosen name of the ROM and click ‘Next’. Press ‘Next’ until the app notifies you that it is ready for installing your chosen ROM. If you would like to stop the installation, click ‘Cancel’. Nothing has been changed so far except your SD card. But if you want to proceed with the installation, click ‘Next’.
  15. The installation should start
  16. If ‘OK’ appears at the bottom of the text, you are done with installing UT.

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