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|fields=CONCAT( '[[',_pageName, Manufacturer,' ',Name,']]' )=Device,Codename,Chipset,StatusBootloader,StatusDisplay,StatusUSB,StatusTouchscreen
|fields=CONCAT( '[[', _pageName, '|',Manufacturer,' ',Name,']]' )=Device,Codename,Chipset,StatusBootloader,StatusDisplay,StatusUSB,StatusTouchscreen
|order by=Devices.Manufacturer, Devices.Name
|order by=Devices.Manufacturer, Devices.Name

Latest revision as of 15:51, 22 April 2021

This page details the status of ABM ports to various devices.


Supported devices

These are supported device,

Device Codename Chipset StatusBootloader StatusDisplay StatusUSB StatusTouchscreen
Volla Volla Phone volla-yggdrail Mediatek Helio P23 (MT6763V) Y Y P N

Status Legend

Code Meaning
Y Yes, fully implemented
P Partially implemented
N Not working yet
- Not applicable -- device does not have feature


Column Meaning
Bootloader Device have some 1-st or 2-nd stage bootloader, and it do not use no-bootloader-workaround.
Display Display is working.
Volume/power buttons. Volume and power buttons work in bootloader.
Touchscreen Touchscreen is working in bootloader.
USB USB is working in bootloader.
Extra buttons Some extra buttons work in bootloader.